Sunday, May 5, 2013

Story From the Front Desk

My colleague was helping someone at the front desk. The person wanted his fines partially waived because our automated check in machine jammed in the after hours. Agreeing to waive said fines my co-worker helpfully informed the man that if the automated return shuts down he can use the giant mailbox-like return as a back up.

"I tried to use that" the man said. "It was locked."

Whoa, I unlocked that bin myself. So I irresistibly entered the conversation. "I unlocked that bin myself." I said with immense gentleness and grace, er, or I said it curiously, or defensively or playfully or something.

"No, it was definitely locked." the man said "I pushed and pushed, but I couldn't get it open."

I love it when the solutions are this simple. 

"You have to pull."


  1. Ah, the glorious yet confusing world of retail. If only all the solutions were this simple...

    1. Yes, if only. One generally has to build up a certain tolerance of mystery.


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