Sunday, June 23, 2013

Book titles I'd like to see.

Okay, yes, this is a little Mad Magazine, but people who blog every day can't get all picky about their antecedents, and what's wrong with Mad Magazine anyway? They were never quite as good as my secret youngster heart wanted them to be, but they were okay. They were okay. What a glamorous set-up for a short list. You are going to love this!

So, um, book titles I'd really like to see:

I Went to Heaven and All I Got Was This Lucrative Book Deal.

The Last Garfield Book Ever

Lick me. I'm a Book! (A junior tasters library selection)

Catcher In the Rye II, The Complete Discovered Manuscript


  1. Yes, even mo' better than Mad Magazine. Especially the Last Garfield Book.

  2. I Babbled about Sunday School Stories after Anesthesia, and My Dad Got This Lucrative Book Deal


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