Thursday, June 20, 2013

Fascinating self revelation

Oh, you thought when I said "fascinating" in the title I meant fascinating to you. No, no, I mean a fascinating to me revelation about myself and in relation to the world around me. I totally can see how this got all miscommunicated. Titles are so short! I am thinking that to you this revelation might be actually quite mundane. I suspect that you'll have known it all along but never mentioned it to me because
a. you don't know me
b. you just sort of figured I would know this since I don't seem crazy
c. you thought the shock might be too much for me all at once.

All good reasons. So I don't blame you a bit. And even if I did blame you I owe you one for accidentally luring you here under the premise that you would find this fascinating. You won't, at least I don't think so, and it was an accident, and, anyway, I don't blame you. So let's move on.

Here is my revelation:

1. Other people are different than me.

See. I was right wasn't I? You knew this already! But this one actually throws me every time I figure it out, and I have to figure it out over and over because I'm always setting it down somewhere and forgetting where I put it. When that happens, as it so often does, I tend to think differences of opinions and in taste between me and other people are some kind of horrible mistake, and that one of us must be wrong. I am always hoping it's you, but just so long as it's someone.  But no!  Mysteriously it is not like that at all. People are actually different, no, I don't mean from each other, I get that one, but they're different from me! I don't think they even write children's books on this theme as it's considered too basic. I'll recommend some book to someone, friend or not, and it turns out they are indifferent to it or even dislike it. I play Cloud Cult's song You're the Only Thing in Your Way for a co-worker and they say "That's not bad." and stop listening after seven seconds. Oh, and people drop by my blog here. "Meh." they say and leave. I see one dusty footprint in the blog foyer. They poked their head in. Nope, nothing there.  Is my blog really not good? Are those horrible crazy people out there who hate all that's true and pure? Maybe, who knows, but mostly they're just different than me. All these people, all different than me. So many stars that I think the universe will burst.

God, I'd really like to remember it this time.

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