Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Keeping you informed

A storm hit my city. My wife and I watched it from our wee, snug city cottage. The winds were fierce and it was fun and dramatic to see, but it seemed like just another bang-up storm like we midwesterners get sometimes. It wasn't. In 15 minutes the streets of our neighborhood started to fill with neighbors. Who knew there were so many people living in all these houses? They just poured out of them! Ick! But I guess they're all okay, really. Some of them are quite nice actually. Anyway, we went out too. The world was full of  "Wow!"s. Great trees, giant trees, old trees, huge chunks of trees had fallen to their deaths. Roads were blocked everywhere. Garages, cars, walls, parts of houses, were crushed. The views down all our long straight avenues were blocked and disordered with sudden new green and strange walls of trunk.

The prompt removal of a snapped in half, alley-blocking pine tree by an across the alley neighbor allowed me to go to work the next day, and, singing Bruce Springsteen's My City In Ruins while driving a complicated maze of a constantly blocked, alternate routes, I was keen to hear what all the media venues had to say about our devastation.

Not much, it turns out. Locally it was a story, but nothing that altered regular programming. I heard not a word about it on my drive as it fell between official news times. Nationally, well, if you don't live in these cities you probably didn't hear much of anything about this. But here, I believe, is what should have been the national headlines to announce this story:
Thousands of Huge Trees Slaughtered in Epic Storm!
Renowned Local Blogger Loses Internet!

The subtitle of that headline brings me to the mundane, informational and alleged point of this blog post. I have no internet. And whether it comes back in a day or two or a week or more is not entirely clear yet. I am currently having to post on the fly here, at work, on lunch. This makes it hard to polish things up all shiny, the way you deserve, and blog post publication could get a bit choppier than usual in the next week. If all this does happen, I think things will even out soon enough if we hang in there. We'll all get through this together!

Those trees, though, are dead forever.

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  1. Mon Ami, What you need now is a big wood fired kiln, tons of clays and several burly assistants! That would make me just pea green with envy.


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