Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Clerk Manifesto FAQ

Hey, I have either barely started a FAQ for this blog, or I have completely finished one. There is no in between!  I was thinking it was a work in progress, but it looks kind of done too. Maybe I need more questions? Anyway, I am rolling out for you the first phase of my FAQ, just, you know, so you can see it and stuff. Why a FAQ you ask? I just think it could be useful to orient people to my blog, then make them a little dizzy, and then reorient them.

What do I get if I go to

Wisdom, distraction, entertainment, and a small amount of allowable radiation poisoning from your monitor or device. Plus prizes!

What offerings are there for my kids on clerk manifesto?

Important life lessons in disobedience.

What is

A website mostly made up of words, with daily posts on libraries, books, working and life. The truth will be hidden in nonsense and nonsense will be hidden in truth, like a puzzle game with super easy puzzles that make you feel clever!



Is clerk manifesto pro library or anti library?

Clerk manifesto is so pro library that even the Librarians call me mad! Mad I tell you. Ha! They call me mad, but they are the ones who are mad! 

Will I like

Your response to this FAQ is probably a fairly reliable indicator, along with your feelings about kittens and happiness and the stars in the sky. What say you to the stars in the sky, hmm? Yes, or no?


  1. I say yes. And I also say, In a mad world, only the mad are sane. Well, I actually stole that. I think that was said Kurosawa. Anyway, is prized. Are there other prizes I don't know about?

    1. There was one prize, still out there actually, but I think a little too well hidden, though it did have one winner. More prizes coming at a sedate pace!

      Anyway, I'm glad you say yes. I hope you don't think I sort of loaded it with the kittens, do you?

  2. This is the first mention of kittens, but I wouldn't mind so much if they were thrown in with the odd little stories and enigmatic humor...the bearing of your soul. Why not?

    1. okay, then, the readers (well, Mickey Garcia and Anonymous) have weighed in, if kittens should just sort of naturally come up in my blog I'll go get them a saucer of something.

  3. This FAQ certainly has been helpful. Awe, kittens are soooo totally cute!! <3

    1. They are, aren't they?

      I'm glad the FAQ was helpful. I can't remember if I meant it to be, but it is totally a bonus that it is!


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