Sunday, August 11, 2013

FAQ talk

Longtime readers who like to memorize what happens here at clerkmanifesto will note that I am now up to my third FAQ written for this blog. Is this blog so complicated it needs three FAQs? I asked that as a rhetorical question thinking my answer would be a cheery, hopeful "Of course not!"  Then I realized: Oh, no, it totally is. This blog is so complicated that, for good or ill, we could just write new FAQs everyday and never quite get to the bottom of it. Nevertheless, I have a tendency to not take my FAQs with the proper bit of grave helpful seriousness that might give said FAQ a fighting chance of letting people know what's going on here. Perhaps this dooms me to a groundhog day like recurrence of FAQ writing.

In addition to the lack of seriousness problem is my feeling that the FAQ must be useful to both total beginners and to very advanced users of my blog who often have the advantage of knowing me personally and so can just, for instance, ask, "Was that last post about confused patrons supposed to be written in Ancient Arcadian, or was that a formatting mistake?" And I can reassuringly answer "I didn't know you still read my blog. What a pleasant surprise!"

Fortunately I have a solution to these issues. Soon I will write a FAQ for true beginners. And I'll try to actually be helpful and informative and explaining. Then, another day I will write a FAQ for advanced users. I will undoubtedly get metaphysical in that one, but in a nice calm way that still imparts some information.

Anyway, I hope these upcoming FAQs might be useful for you and I'll probably pin them out to my sidebar on the right, for ready reference. When I write them. Which will be eventually.

If you are all like "I don't need a FAQ to read a blog!" I say "Hang in there.  I will write a special FAQ for you too!"

Maybe that one should go first...

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