Saturday, August 17, 2013

North woods comedy

In my week here in the north woods and at the great lake I have decided I would do quite well writing something more like a nature blog, maybe "northwoodsmanifesto", but, actually, probably not "northwoodsmanifesto". By "quite well" I mean I would enjoy writing this blog and would be even less inclined to run out of material here than I already am back in the city. I don't know how well you the blog reader would take to this change to a nature blog from a library blog. I suppose my last six or seven posts would give anyone a fair indication. The main problematic thing is it all seems just a bit less funny up here, the hilarious antics of a yellow hummingbird being no match for those of a huge drunk man looking for books on beer making. And yet, if I can somehow miraculously work it out, I might sort of prefer watching and dealing with the hummingbird than the man. Should I ever be so fortunate as to have to face this luxurious problem I believe I can manage to make the appropriate adjustments. The birds here aren't right off the top terribly hilarious and so may take a dash of embellishment to get up to speed, but many bugs are quite funny as is, and if I did get to live here I'd be bound to see a moose. Moose are so notoriously wacky that with a few sightings I'd be halfway home, especially if I fell in a pond or something from excitement. 

But I'm just thinking out loud here, as one does when their vacation is ending, of having it go forever. The library is very nice, too.
did not see this moose!

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