Saturday, August 3, 2013

Rainy day blogging #2

Hi, you have reached No one is here today because we are either:

a. in the bathroom (bringing new meaning to today's blog title: Rainy day blogging #2. Hey! It's my blog's first potty joke! Maybe I should start a Juvy Fiction blog!)

b. hiking in the Himalayas (if I am, I'm probably calling them something more insider like, such as the "him-mal-yuhs").

c. standing near an intersection looking at a slightly askew, marooned bus, saying "Whew! That was a close one! Hey, weird, that looks just like me laying there unconscious in front of that bus. (so, hopefully not "c.").

d. being questioned by the authorities, as in "No, no. I like America lots. I was just teasing, like, you know,  between really good friends."

e. running from zombies, as in "Okay, that's all the gas. I'll work my way to the utility box and at my signal you start yelling and waving your arms. When they hit the halfway point I'll light the fire. We both then hightail it across the tarmac and hope to god that jeep starts!"

So it's probably one of those. If there's another rainy day post tomorrow it may or may not indicate which of the five. But either way you might want to put some spikes into a baseball bat, just to be safe.

At the tone leave a message.


  1. I have to say you kind of lost me during "short post week" but I just got caught up since the 29th the and you are on a roll. I liked the cynical one with the ending about the parent and child. I hope I'm that kind of parent sometimes. I like your zombie reference. You can never go wrong with zombies in my book. The ways to entertain yourself and a co-worker was awesome. Oh, and I enjoyed the cat analogy.

    I just read Age of Miracles and you should read it.

  2. Oh Hey, ummm..., can I order one of those Double Maple Sparkling Calypso Grandes here. I just heard Starbucks bought this blog.


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