Monday, August 5, 2013

Rainy Day Blogging 4, Guest Blogger!

For unspecified reasons I am still away from my blog, but, since you're reading this, our back up protocols are working flawlessly to provide fresh, trenchant content. Because I need to write these posts ahead of time and seal them for freshness my subject matter is limited. How can I talk about Libraries if, for all I know, no one even checks out books anymore, they just sit in the library reading some kind of atom powered color television set about taking rocket ships to the moon! So mostly I've been talking about our emergency protocols. Before that wears out it's welcome, though, I have a new solution lined up. A guest blogger! No, a real good one! You'll like this. Starting tomorrow Grape Areeeww is going to be guest blogging for a few days.

Who is this Grape, you want to know? Well, it depends when this emergency protocol is invoked. For all I know he could be the father of grown children now, with gray hairs! Yesterday we were dissecting a rattlesnake in his parents' bathroom. We found the rattlesnake out on stunt canyon road. It was dead, but we didn't know that until we tremblingly poked it with 14 foot branches. Then we took the dead snake home and put it in the freezer. While dissecting and telling his grandparents to use the other bathroom I entreated Grape to undertake a sacred calling. I told him if I was ever called away temporarily from my blog for a long enough time, he would be notified, and would have to step in for a few days. I said that this could happen in thirty days, or thirty years, but he would need to be ready. Being a brother of my heart he accepted this sacred duty. Tomorrow he will blog for you here. He's a very good writer! He is studying poetry a University this fall, I mean, unless it's like the year 2000 or something, then who knows what he's up to. But no matter when, I believe he will answer my call!


  1. A poetry student is going to feed and pamper your puss?!
    Is this blog up to date with all it's shots?


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