Sunday, August 11, 2013

Sunday Update

Officially returned from blogger summer vacation in the north woods, I thought I'd use Sunday here for a little blog housekeeping. Tomorrow I will launch off into six or so naturey sorts of posts I wrote while on vacation. In case you were wondering, "Naturey" means:  of a nature nature.

So, I wrote blog posts on vacation! Why? Because writing blog posts is fun and very good for the muscle tone in my fingers. Plus it makes me think about things more, and I like to think about things more. Then I take the things I thought about and drop them from a high place or throw them in a roaring fire or soak them in grain alcohol or lay them on a sidewalk in a busy part of town and then we see what happens. Things happen. I think it's good for everyone involved.

So quickly here I should mention that my computer seems alarmingly ill since my return home, and this blog post is being typed as fast as possible in order that I have something finished to post in case I can't get to a computer until Monday. Then I read over each furiously typed sentence eleven or twelve times completely defeating the purpose of writing fast. Then I edit and read the whole thing over from the start every six seconds. Thankfully my computer is holding out despite all of this and doesn't feel taunted. I think me and my computer may be bonding as I nurse it. But the point remains that this post could end at any point without coming to it's astonishingly revealing concluding sentence.

As to the blog housekeeping, I just want to bring your attention to the sidebars. I'm trying to make them a bit more lively. One feature is "Upcoming on this blog" or whatever title I gave it. It tells you about upcoming events here. I'm also trying to put together more useful groups of links to other, older, posts in my blog, something more like beginning, intermediate and advanced blog posts. Really they're just different kinds of best of collections, but that might have to wait until my computer stops sneezing. Poor computer.

Happily there is now time for the astonishingly revealing concluding sentence!

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  1. I hope your computer is feeling better. Maybe it has abandonment issues. Be reassuring with it and set aside some quality time. :>]


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