Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Twelve signs I am losing my mind at work

I have tasted the darkness.

Twelve signs I am losing my mind at work:

1. I start getting a bit rough with the equipment.

2. I skip my break so I can get things done.

3. I think everything would be okay if PEOPLE WOULD JUST DO THEIR JOBS!

4. I start to suspect that the automatic check in machine is refusing to check in certain categories of items, say, craft books, out of some private, unfathomable vendetta.

5. I get so mad at people returning perfectly legitimate items (that happen to be irritating to deal with) that I start muttering swear words, completely unaware I am in a public place.

6. I adjust my work speed at the front desk to try and force certain people in line to go to my co-worker.

7. I start consulting with other crazy co-workers on work issues.

8. I body block browsing patrons out of position so I can shelve more freely.

9.  I don't use the last of something so I don't have to replace it.

10. I find myself occasionally freezing up and forgetting how the alphabet works. 

11. I am insistently trying to shove something somewhere that all scientific laws are confident that it cannot be shoved.

12. I stop thinking about everything at my job in terms of prospective blog posts.

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  1. Honey, you need to go back to that lake house and continue your noble blueberry quest.


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