Sunday, August 18, 2013

Welcome to Clerkmanifesto

Welcome to my blog, clerkmanifesto.

This page is to help you orient to this blog and see if you might like it. You could, theoretically, as such an event is within the realm of statistical possibility. This page here has a lot of links in red and these will lead you to different places on my blog, so you may find this to be a good starting hub for exploring around here. Alternatively you could turn off your computer and go outside and take up wildlife observation as a hobby, which I understand is quite good for the soul.

So, what's up here?

I post daily, um, essays?, blog posts?, writings?, musings?, accountings? of the world around me. The world around me often involves my job as a clerk at a large inner ring suburban library, so my blog is much concerned with libraries, work, books, culture and all these people everywhere. It's all slightly better than it sounds.

Okay, I'm still here.

Really? You're not just teasing? Okay then. Gosh! So then, now we will have you try out three posts of mine, and if you're still with me you can continue on from here. If you're too mesmerized to break your reading chain with a click you can come back to this later.

1.   This first one is on the shorter side for me, and is about my magnificent famousness!

2.    Less funny, more thoughtful. I'm too shy to say more. 

3.   More fun and games because you're just starting out. As an explanatory note we work the front desk in pairs at my job.

 Yeah, so, those were okay. Why aren't there any pictures? Where are the links to the good stuff?

Hmmm, this is kind of awkward, what with me writing the questions and everything. But you probably don't need an answer to those questions if you're still here. Still. I resist pictures because I am an old fashioned blogger who believes 12 words are worth a thousand pictures, and I try to resist linking as I feel if it's all that great you'll be funneled inexorably there anyway. I just have here, mostly, what I make myself.

Okay, I'm still here again. Hit me with the hard stuff!

1. Philosophy, comedy, anarchy! Getting longer. You said you were ready.

I'm fine (cough!), again!

1. A grim farewell to someone retiring...

2. This is about the shortcomings of others, because others have them!

Okay, okay (cough). That's good. I guess I can read your blog sometimes if I remember. What now?

You can follow my blog by email by filling in the box on the right over there. All my new posts will be sent to you like letters. If you like commenting please go comment crazy. I like comments! You can follow me if you find my picture on the right, farther down probably, but that probably won't do much unless it already means something to you. I'm not sure. You can bookmark this page and come back later. If you're unsatiated, unable to sleep, in a trance-like state, you can go to my home page (click below) and just work your way through all my posts going backwards (also just clicking the banner title at the top takes you to my homepage):

Also there are usually more links to groups of posts on the right sidebar.

Finally, you might want to reconsider the wildlife observation hobby. 

Thanks for taking a look.


  1. Looking for the free food table entries. How to find?

    1. I'm touched by your interest in the deep history of clerkmanifesto, but sorry to have to inform you that that feature was discontinued in 2013 and was not archived in any way. I blame this on my lack of fame and am pretty bitter about it. And I hate that you have to do without as well. I can offer this as a consolation:

      Currently on the free food table are two boxes of Dunn Brothers Coffee, both now cooled and slightly skanky in flavor (I tried some at about 4 and was not much pleased). Also there are a bunch of Cat postcards I have been writing for the edification of the staff.

      This morning there were some oreos on the table, but Bob ate most of them early on and then a feeding frenzy struck. I might have just heard news about them without ever actually seeing them.

      Do you think I should bring this feature back?

  2. I am agog with wonder at the brilliance of such subtleties hammered home for our reading amazement.

    1. Thanks, and... welcome!

      These of course would all be from the early years of the blog, but if you'll just read through, say, the most recent 1,200 blog posts we can count you as all caught up.


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