Monday, September 23, 2013

It is not always the best joke that gets the biggest laugh

I was wandering out to the front desk to enter onto our waive sheet the 90 cents I had waived for someone while I was on the phone (that's 90 cents now that this Library will never see!). A patron was there and was handing a medicine bottle full of pills that she had found somewhere in the Library to one of my co-workers. That co-worker handed it to "C", who handles the lost and found. At that moment I said to C., casually, "Let's each take half and see what happens."

The patron erupted into raucous, genuine, long laughter. It was pretty gratifying. My two co-workers, who were in the midst of the usual polite, pale chuckles I'm oh so familiar with, caught the contagious laughter and so let loose some genuine laughter of their own.

I turned and headed to the back room while the laughter was still going. When you get lucky like that you don't want to push it.

As I emerged into the back room under the waning wails of laughter, many staff and volunteer eyes looked up to me enquiringly. I shrugged as if to say "Who knows."

Who knows indeed.


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