Sunday, October 27, 2013

My birthday

As presaged in a recent post, today is my birthday. What, you might wonder, do I like to do on my birthday? Well, I like to spend it with my wife. But at the Library, around the general time of my birthday, what I like to do is sort of work in the fact that my birthday is coming up. I do this anywhere and everywhere I can. I try and do it real natural like, just like I've been doing in this blog post. Like it's all pretty much an accident that I'm bringing it up, but I wouldn't feel right withholding the information, or, again like here, it's necessary to mention the fact to make my broader point. Co workers, patrons, inanimate objects, I like to share the news in this mercurial way. "Oh" I say to some patron I am registering a library card for "I was born on the 27th too!"

"March 27th?" They ask, thinking maybe I'm saying something remotely relevant and interesting, that is, that maybe we have the same birthday.

"No, October 27th!"


"It's very soon." I say.

"Happy birthday." They say politely.

I get very shy. "Thanks." I respond quietly.

And that's just it. After I've managed to inform every possible living and non living thing about my impending birthday, when people wish me happy birthday I think it's very nice of them and all, but I'm a bit surprised too. 

How did they know?!


  1. As an old friend of Feldenstein Calypso's, I would like to publicly wish him a happiest of birthdays.

    And since he did not divulge his age, I would like to share it with you in the spirit of truth, sort of like a Clerk Manifesto Wiki Leak.

    Let it be here and now known that Feldenstein Calypso, blogger of The Clerk Manifesto, is between the ages of 19 and 62.

    There you have it!

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  4. Oh Please Mr librarian, sir. I am only slightly overdue......
    .... on wishing you a Happy Birthday!!!


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