Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Six percent pure wisdom

Here are some random things that could be expanded into full blog posts, but probably shouldn't be. Like with the Internet itself I have hidden the quality material carefully amongst the detritus. I will not tell you which is which as I feel it's a win-win for everyone when you mix them up.

No good book has ever been written by two authors of disproportionate fame levels.

The teen librarian isn't really reading those books in the break-room. He's just posing artfully and waiting for another glossy librarian magazine to come and take his picture for their cover. Note how he's always at a flattering angle to the light and looks vaguely heroic.

One cannot trust publishers as they are in it strictly for the money. When looking for something good to read at the Library always start in the unpublished manuscript section.

The higher you go hierarchically in any institution the more overstaffed it will be. Bear in mind even "one" can be over-staffing. 

Being legally blind makes one an even better and safer driver.

It takes just two weeks for our Library's number of visitors to total the entire population of the city we are in. Of course, not all 34,000 residents of our city visit us every fortnight. Most of our statistical visits derive from one regular patron who goes out to get stuff from his car a lot.

Our used book sales remain popular because peoples' houses are too big and books are an inexpensive way to stuff them.

Our Library branch's refusal to carry our own subscription to US magazine says to everyone "We are the classy branch in our library system."

One architectural firm has designed every new library built in North America over the last nine years.

My local newspapers have gone to the internet model: they mainly collect the work of other people.

If your cough has persisted for over three years it is no longer a cough, rather it is a way of life.

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  1. point 3, interesting
    point 5, true
    last point, same goes for sneezing


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