Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Script for 3 minute movie

Not having the energy or suitable skills to film the following 3-minute YouTube video, I present it here as a teleplay script. Not really knowing how to write a teleplay script I present it here sort of as a roughly written description of a 3-minute video. It was inspired by the teen librarian's account of a Library event in which a participant stumbled into a meeting room wall and put a huge crack and dent in it. The participant was uninjured.

Room and Walls

Opening shot: Person in a white, brightly lit room. No windows, no doors. The person sits in a simple chair calmly reading a book. The camera starts out very static, but moves about more and more as events unfold.

There is a sudden, almost sonic burst of energy. Some invisible force seems to slam into one of the white walls. From this, the wall visibly buckles and a massive crack forms across the wall, nearly running from the floor to the ceiling. The person starts at the noise and looks amazed and uneasy at the damaged wall. The person investigates and finds no explanation. As they begin to accept the oddity, the same bizarre concussive event happens on the wall to their right. The person is now seriously spooked, looking around
at they know not what, when, before their eyes, another wall invisibly splits with a deep crack and a boom. Frantic, feeling under assault by what seems to be some hostile spirit they cannot identify, the person starts freaking out. They are whirling and desperate as the camera also whirls in a frenzy about them. With a massive shocking boom the last untouched wall is slammed unseen and cracked and bent by force. The person is thrown into terror. Spinning about madly they suddenly face the camera, and us, the viewers, directly. They calm with alarming suddenly, and, completely  composed, they say to the camera "You broke the fourth wall."

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