Thursday, November 28, 2013


I am not one for much celebrating of Thanksgiving. I am happy enough and quite thankful for any day I can spend at home with my wife. This will be great enough pleasure for me. Whatever turkeys roam about my neighborhood (and there are, oddly, a few) they need fear nothing from me.

But because it is Thanksgiving, and because I write so much about my Library, I started thinking a little bit this week about what I am thankful about at my Library.

There are many things I am unthankful for. There are so many complaints and irritations at my job, nice, deep, rich veins of folly, destructive hierarchy, self satisfactions, and complacency at my Library. And I am delighted to mine away at them. They are an endless source of blog material and correction and comedy, all that buried garbage of a Library at work, brought up out of the earth and set shining like jewels in the sun, if I can. But when I sit down to reflect on what I am grateful for here at the Library, well, not to get all mushy, there is no mining required. It is all around me, everywhere, and in plain sight.

It is not the purview of this quiet, holiday post to make some great list of my Library appreciations. It is not so interesting to me as a study, and I have no need to see for myself such a list either. But unbidden, I started thinking that list, and it was long and easily at hand, as are so many other things in my life for which I am grateful, and one person, for whom I am infinitely more thankful even than all the rest. And so you will hear no complaint from me today. No proposition for improvement. No tale of woe. No satire, visions, or fabrications. I am content as is, and even if, possibly, likely, there is no greater being out there to hear my exclamations of appreciation, I am entirely satisfied to tell you, and myself, and to shout it to the wind and let it fly and scatter.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all.

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