Saturday, November 30, 2013

The maturation of kafka

As kafka the Library cat bursts quickly through his weeks of adolescence, I can only conclude he is turning out very well. He is going to be, already really is, an excellent cat. Protected and domestic, he has his cuddly moments. He makes friends selectively, but easily (to become kafka's friend you need only to patiently desire with your whole being to be his friend. This technique works splendidly with most cats). He is fluidly at home in the Library and has developed the curious and enchanting habit of curling up with thick paperbacks clutched in his arms. This at least must partly explain his preference for the Sci Fi/Fantasy section which is full of these books that are thicker than they are wide. He purrs gently and often, is easily amused, and thoroughly self entertaining. But in addition to all his civilized qualities, kafka is also the wild animal of the stacks. He is a hunter and a prowler. The one pure beast among us. As the only touch of wilderness in the most civilized of all places, a Library, kafka is like a small oasis pond in a great, vast desert. Perhaps this is why so many patrons at first think he is an illusion.

"I could have sworn I saw a cat in here." They say to me. "Is there actually a cat in this Library?"

"How would you feel if there were a cat in this Library?" I ask back. 


"Excellent." I say. "Join the club."

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  1. I believe a cat in every library is in order. Do you think it would be worth my placing a kitten or two in my local libraries? Kafka seems to have touched yours in a sweet way.


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