Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Almost like 4 blogposts in one!

A grab bag of random library events and anecdotes that are too tiny for their own blog post!

I Didn't Get Enough Sleep Department:

A woman came up to me at the front desk and gave me her three returns instead of returning them in, well, in the return chute, which is where we process our returns with, um, precision efficiency. She said "These are on hold and so I wanted to make sure they got to the next person as soon as possible."

"Oh, this will normally be a bit slower than just returning them regularly" I said as I whisked them away. This is miniscually, theoretically, but also technically true. Bonus note: none of these items were actually on hold for anyone.

Guide to How Your Library is Doing Department:

The following is a theorem inspired by an surprising encounter I had with two carts of library books: If you have one cart full of books that are new to your collection and one cart full of books that you are weeding from your collection, the cart with the new books should be more interesting than the weeded books. There is no bonus item included here so as not to overwhelm you.

Make Yourself at Home Department:

A five year old child sprawls magnificently on the floor by the DVDs. Her manner is like if one was exhausted, checked into a hotel, found it was swanky beyond all belief, and luxuriated wildly, stretching out on the King sized bed. She wasn't sleeping, our floor was just too deliciously comfortable to waste sleeping on.

Timesheet Department:

When I fill out my byzantine online timesheet, any hours I am claiming must have a corresponding code. I think there are about 7,000 appropriate possible codes ranging from something simple like "Employee Illness" to more rarely used codes like "Nuclear Holocaust destroyed all my footwear (3/4 time uncompensated)." The two codes at the very top of my choices are "Regular Worked" and "Regular Showed Up." Every time I choose "Regular Worked" over "Regular Showed Up" I think, with pride, "Ha! You failed to trick me once again!"

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  1. I am always tempted by the "showed up" option; I think my manager would just say "Oh, dear, you clicked the wrong code. I fixed it for you."


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