Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas tradition post

Because today is Christmas I have decided to post a, well, I suppose it's a bit immodest, but a charming Christmas blog post post I wrote here many years ago. Maybe you'll like this post as much as me and we can make this a kind of Christmas tradition. This post is from Christmas 1993:

Hi, beautiful weather we're having. I have decided that because today is Christmas it might be nice to share a sort of classic Christmas blog post I wrote back in 1958:

Howdy folks! Well, the sheep are in the barn and I'm all settled in at my Olivetti and I was just thinking that it sure would be keen to pull out of the old blog files one of my favorite Christmas blog posts. It's one I like to share every year as my own little Christmas tradition. Our lil time machine's gonna take us back now to 1932.

Well you can bet times are hard around here, oh boy that's for sure! but I'm not giving up on Christmas, no siree! I got some of my old Christmas blog posts and I thought it would be fun if we pulled one out from happier times...

Wait! Wait! Sorry. It's me. From the present again. I'm looking this over and it just keeps going back further and further, like a hall of mirrors. Each Christmas post just references an earlier Christmas post. There's the 1880s, 1820's, Revolutionary War era, the Renaissance, the Dark Ages. Ah, here we go. If we can just get back to before the birth of Christ there's an actual charming original blog post! So, here we go, I think this one is from about 60 b.c., though that's not what we called the years back then!

Romae dies iustus a. Aut quid non feriatum, sic putavi plenum tantarum amant scribere. Romani quidem est. Re publica bene facit. Praesent vehicula hodie turbidae cum omnis imber. Populus servo semita in luto library. In elit felis, et sibilaret ore ad omnem qui id sequi quasi doen't luto. Sic amicitiam non sciunt cur usitas sibilabit cattus, sed plerumque in tabulis festinat atque transire indigent. Cum Claudius: quid diceret. Dixi: "Odit luto. Sternutatio Ipsa eum" quod parum sicut feles excutit. Et subsannaverunt nos, et dedit nobis Claudius cat sordido vultu! Accepit, abiit sentiat.

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