Saturday, December 7, 2013

Oh weather!

Don't get me wrong, I am happy to stand around talking about the weather until our toes start to hurt, turn blue, and, finally, detach. Weather is something everyone can share in, discuss at any level, and have real feelings about. But it is also non controversial at heart, hard to go on too long about, and is surprisingly grounding. My one regular email correspondence is at least one third concerning weather, always an easy "go to" subject of interest to us both. Nevertheless, on this day, our first really ungodly cold day of this winter season (the temperature here in Minnesota is at minus 4 degrees and will be getting colder), when people say to me "It's cold out!" I have felt compelled to reply "Not in here is isn't."

And it isn't. As I write I am experiencing roughly the same temperature as you are wherever you are, unless, maybe, you're reading this on a cell phone in a parking lot or garden or something. But then, even if you are doing that, it is probably in the 70s out in your parking lot, and not raining, just like it is in here, otherwise you'd probably go inside. But I think all this only actually illustrates the need for us to talk about the weather more. It would be way too easy for us to simply and finally lose all touch with the genuine, wild world we live in and all its wonderful local differences and variety. The only other solution I could think of besides talking about the weather would be to go out in it.

Did I mention that it's minus four out? We'll just talk.

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  1. Sweet bird of warmth. Where has it flown to now? Do all capricious things wander deeper down into some southerly myth without a word and seeming never to return?


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