Sunday, December 1, 2013

The blogger calls on the gods

Sometimes I am walking around with my pockets stuffed full of blog ideas. It's a little like having my pockets full of cash, a nice, ready for anything feeling. Then I have a period where I'm writing all the time, and go through all the really appealing ideas, until I'm left with the equivalent of a pocket full of nickels. I also get left with all the really super long and challenging to write essay ideas, so, to continue the money analogy then, I have a pocket full of nickels and a couple large denomination bills in an obscure, foreign currency.

This is where I am right now. Nothing in my pockets of real use. But I do not despair when I come to this point. I merely put my order in with the gods. You wouldn't think it, but the gods are actually pretty good about answering, especially if you keep your requests modest. Here is today's order: I would like a very nice, neat little blog idea, nothing fancy, one that makes me feel quite witty, and takes about 12 minutes to write because I have to be at the Library front desk in 12 minutes.

I will wait here. I expect to hear soon.


  1. Will you tell us tomorrow what the gods delivered? Perhaps it will arrive fried in oil. (sorry if this comment is a repeat - first try didn't seem to post).

  2. Sorry it took 2 and a half years to respond.

    The gods delivered the above. It wasn't their best day, but I guess it got me through December 1, 2013.


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