Friday, March 28, 2014

Service improvements

In the days leading up to our very recent In Service Day we had lots of signs up about how we were going to be closed for "Service Improvements". Patrons asked me several times about these service improvements. Seeing my job as rather more oriented towards providing accurate information (with a small slice of optional entertainment and social commentary on the side), and less oriented towards obfuscating in order to make my library system look better, I always responded to these queries with "No. There are no service improvements coming. We're just closing for In Service Day. There must have been some sort of mix up with the signs."

I suppose, theoretically, a day of informational programming, like In Service Day, could improve something in my library. Maybe it even did. I didn't go to this one so I cannot say absolutely for sure. I also cannot say for sure that aliens didn't freeze everyone at the In Service Day for just a brief minute in order to take some harmless DNA samples before unfreezing everyone. And I won't say. I'm keeping mum on both of those.

I will say this though. I think the whole day would have been far more productive if the whole staff went out for coffee and pastry at Rustica (our town's best bakery), followed by hot air ballooning, followed by a champagne toast. And I think the sign on the door should have said "The library is closed because the whole staff is off hot air ballooning". As much as I think libraries should be open practically all the time, I think this would have been good for everyone involved, even the angry patrons turned away at our doors.

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