Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Seven in one blow

The library was busy,
The pace was not slow,
But never did I imagine,
I'd do seven in one blow.

I  was working the desk,
With my co-worker Jo
It was the luck of the draw,
That I'd do seven in one blow.

Two parents approached me,
Their five children in tow.
They spoke fateful words,
That led to seven in one blow.

"We'd all of us like cards,
And believe us we know,
There are quite a lot of us,
Can you do seven in one blow?"

There are always ways out,
But you reap what you sow,
For the honor of clerkdom, "Yes,
I'll do seven in one blow."

We took up our pens, our forms,
All IDs did they show,
We typed and we wrote,
And did seven in one blow.

The family departed,
I started to crow,
"I've broken all records,
And done seven in one blow!"

My co-workers were startled,
And some nicely said "Whoa!"
For they'd done quite a few,
But never seven in one blow.

I had too my detractors,
But they had to say "No."
When I asked if they'd ever,
Done seven in one blow.

So if there are eight of you,
The clerk to whom you should go,
Is me, our record holder,
Who did seven in one blow.

My colleagues are fine with this,
It makes them quite glow,
For who in their right mind wants,
To do eight in one blow.



  1. I don't know how you do it in all that snow,
    You and your seven in one blow.

  2. Dude, excellent job on this one bro,
    Y'know the one with seven in one blow.


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