Monday, March 10, 2014


People, man, they're just unbelievable! I'm out working at the front desk of the library and this guy comes up and wants to get a library card. Yeah. Just like that he wants a library card, like it's nothing.

"I need a picture ID with your current address." I say. And he, like, takes out his wallet and gives me his drivers license. Okay. So I start entering it all in to the computer to give him a card and everything. I type in the address and all that. I ask him for a four digit pin number. I say it very carefully, emphasizing the word "digit" to forestall him from saying any letters. 

He thinks for a second and then says "5421"

Right, so that's odd enough, but it's fine. I finish putting in all the information. I hand him the card with a pen. I say "You need to sign the card." So, get this, the guy, who wanted the library card, I guess to check out books or whatever, he signs the card. It's a nice big signature. Great. So, I decide, what the hell, and I give him a brochure.

"This has all our policies and hours." I say as I hand it to him. "You can check out whatever you want." I say in a cheery, concluding sort of way.

And the guy says, get this, he says "Thanks."  Yeah, just like that, he says "Thanks." and then he walks away.

The whole thing was just, I don't know, bizarre. I guess there's a lot of characters out there. But sometimes it gets pretty strange.


  1. Why do I have the feeling that to read this post correctly it must be done in a S. California accent?

    1. Wow, you're right. In times of stress I lapse into my root accent!


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