Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Fruit magnet

I could ascribe it to my virtues. The Universe could be sending me messages. I might just be at the right place at the right time. It is, after all, the season, but no matter where i turn people keep giving me fruit.

Conversely enough I think in some odd way it was set in motion when I walked through today's midweek midday farmers' market with my wife. I looked at the beautiful raspberries, I gazed longingly at large trays of deep blue-black blueberries, but I walked on. This seemed shortly afterwards like it was a mistake. Blueberries were very much on my mind.

But then it began.

Sitting at the phones I was asked if I liked organic blackberries. An enthusiastic yes provided me with a cup of small sweet tart blackberries grown organically in someone's friend's backyard. They were fresh and bright with just the hint of the taste of jam. No one bothered me until they were done, but as soon as I was finished another co-worker immediately offered me some cherries, bing cherries. I took a couple. "No, no," my co-worker said "Take more. In fact, there's a bag in the refrigerator. Help yourself."

Not much later I had a question for one of the librarians upstairs. "Oh, hey." She said quietly, as if trying not to let it spread around. "Do you want some blueberries?"

Yes, actually, I did want some blueberries.

Co-workers, like trees, can be very nice. They can provide protection from nefarious forces in the world, they can be pleasant to visit with, and gathered together in harmony they can provide a rich, healthful and interesting environment.

But co-workers, like trees in my opinion, are at their absolute best when they bear fruit.

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