Friday, September 26, 2014

Binge blogging begins

Every once in awhile on my blog I like to shake things up. For instance once I conducted something I called "Short post week" wherein I posted as many as seven short blog posts in a single day. I think that was back in the seventies and presaged the age of twitter, which, you will be delighted to hear, is now over. Indeed, this morning twitter closed down completely and everyone all over the Internet went back to reading slow, thoughtful, non commercial blogs. So maybe I should just step aside here for a moment and welcome what is probably a whole raft of new twitter refugees:

Hello new post-twitter readers, welcome to my world where nothing that can be said in 10 words can't also be said in 475 words and where all content comes with a complimentary array of asides, like the one you are reading right now!

Where was I?

Yes! Thank you. Shaking things up. I had the experiment here where I kept you appraised of what was on the free food table at my job on a real time basis. And I had the week where I discussed moose in every post (which elicited precisely one comment from a reader: "So, um, what is going on with you and moose?" which is a dispiriting question to have to face after you have spent a week answering that question).

Anyway, that's all the examples I can think of now, though there are probably thousands more, but my point is that I like, occasionally, to work up a meaningless experiment for my blog, devotedly execute it, taking scrupulous notes all along like the rigorous scientist I am, and then, when done, forget all of it forever.

Sound like fun?

Let's get started.

I am going to binge blog. Tomorrow morning I am going to wake up, grab a four-gallon carafe of cold pressed Peruvian coffee, turn on my computer, watch my computer crash, start my computer again, and then I am going to blog til I drop.

I am going to blog and blog and blog until I can blog no more.

Wait! Here's the part that makes it almost entirely meaningless to you:

It's not like I will be publishing these blog posts as I write them. No, you will not be seeing four or 11 blog posts tomorrow. They will merely come out in their same, steady, one every morning pace in which they always come out. Indeed my blog will look and operate almost exactly as it always does.

But before you gnash your hair out and cry "Why are you telling me about your meaningless, behind the scenes, blog machinations?" let me note my recurring use of the word "Almost". There will be a small note on each of these binge blog post thus:

Binge Blog #1

Which means, yes, you can play along at home! Which is really all I offer here, the ability to play along at home. What happens when a blogger over blogs? Probably nothing, but with a scorecard it may very well be as fun as bingo!

See you bright and early tomorrow.


  1. So you blogged and blogged until you could blog no more, and you got 2 posts. Bravo! See, I noticed. ;-)

    1. It makes me so happy that you noticed!

      So, er, were you thinking that two was a little, or, um, impressively a lot?


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