Wednesday, October 29, 2014

And another thing!

I am just so sick of all these complainers everywhere! It's like there are all these people everywhere who are so dissatisfied, and they blow up their dissatisfactions until they're completely out of proportion. They are ruining the world for the rest of us! I am no longer able to enjoy life because of them!

And it's bad enough the cacophony of all these haters, but then they make it so personal. They ascribe horrible attributes to individuals just because they feel differently than they do. I'm not afraid to come out and say people who do this are evil. Yes, evil, terrible, cruel, mean people. I've tried to stop them, I've said, in a very loving way "Hey, why do you hate everybody and everything. You have become a terrible person!" but they are so subsumed with their righteousness that they can't even take a tiny step back. It's sad really, I mean, it makes me sad because they have no empathy for other people and where they are coming from. It makes me not care about them or their problems.

Because this constant complaining is completely ruining the world I try and stand up and speak against it. Then they complain about me! Which brings me to an even worse problem, maybe the worst problem of them all:

People who complain about complainers!

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