Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Another in service day

Oh, feh, another In Service Day come, and gone. I am never keen on these things; the food not to my standards, the trifling, tedious breakout sessions, the closing of the sacred library to the public for a whole day, and, of course, the perversely early start time that has nothing to do with the normal work days of any library. I have been burned so many times on these In Service Days that I was even planning to work on a blog post during the day: Ten Lousy Things About In Service Day. And before I get all mushy about this wholly adequate In Service Day, let me say that I still could do that list. Stick with this blog long enough and you will see that list. Stick with this blog long enough and you will see that list seven or eight times!

But not today.

No, no, not today.

In Service day was lovely. I was in the mood for a bagel. And cream cheese. I had an awful lot of fun at the break out session devoted to playing with children's room apps for iPad. I think I've been playing the wrong sort of video games. I don't like stabbing Orcs! I like making pretty pictures on a touch screen by moving felt around! And though that session was pretty short, I was okay with all the rest of the sessions too. My big fear for the day had to do with some bizarre afternoon plan to watch a DVD about Race and have a discussion. But here was the biggest shocker! It was a three-part PBS series, three hours long, so there was no time at all for any discussion, and it was very interesting, informative, and, vastly the most important, entertaining.

I thought I was going to be totting up my grievances, but no, I was paid to play super cute video games and watch educational television. Be still my inner 14-year old's heart, they payed me $60 to watch a TV show! This slacker thanks the Library Gods.

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