Saturday, October 25, 2014

The real blog marketing tips

Because I am one of the giants of blog marketing on the Internet, I sometimes like to reach out to struggling bloggers with a few tips. Not the fakey tips that will flood the top thousand Google searches for "Blog marketing tips".  By all means check those out if you're interested. Few things on the Internet will be easier to track down, and you may find it fascinating to see the exact same seven blog marketing tips rephrased and presented in different fonts over and over and over and over and over. Yes, the same seven. None of them are good. But they are official. I alone have the real tips here. Furthermore these tips are super easy.

Why has no one else shared these real tips on the Internet, you wonder?

They are selfish hoarders. And they do not believe the optimistic, go getter things I believe, like: 

Everybody in the world can be very famous all at once.
We can get done everything we need to get done for a whole week in less than seven minutes, freeing up the rest of that time for sleeping.
There are coupons on the Internet that will allow you to get everything for free. You just need to type in the right keywords, of which, at least two will be "free" and "coupon".

Are you ready for the tips?


You don't write a blog? 

You want to talk about the third keyword for free things?

Unfortunately now we can do neither. My seven minutes are up. I have to get to bed. But when I wake up next week I'll try to get to both of them. 

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