Saturday, October 4, 2014

You just won the blog championship! What will you do next?

For an upcoming milestone birthday I will be going with my wife to Disney World. I am telling you because it could come up in discussion on my blog.

Like, for instance, now.

I have ascertained in my life that the statement "I am going to Disney World" elicits one of two basic responses from all the people I know.

"How exciting! I am jealous. Take me with you!"



To the first I say "I know! Right?"

To the second I can only sputter out words like "Robots!" "Magic!" "Pirates!" "Pooh!" and "Glowy!" before I realize I am not making myself clear. I would really have to turn this into a Disney World Blog to answer the question "Why?" A question that I suspect is more than a tad rhetorical anyway.

The fact of the matter is that explaining the greatness and appeal of Disney World/Disneyland is a lot like trying to argue for the virtuosity of Bob Dylan's singing voice, a steeply uphill battle with those not already convinced. Actually, it might not even be a hill, it might be better described as a cliff.

Indeed, I'm pretty sure making a case for Disney to the distinctly unconvinced is entirely hopeless. So, in the next couple of weeks to come I'll probably be giving it a whirl.

What's the point of having a beautiful lance like this blog if I don't go tilting after a few windmills with it?

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