Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Big chair

Writing, as I do, on the Internet, a very social medium these days, I get a lot of messages from readers.

"Hey," one of these messages says "Write more about your trip to Disney World. Write about that time you went to Gaston's Tavern, near the Beast's castle. Write about how Gaston's Tavern was actually of a uniquely (for Disney World) suitable size to echo what it was supposed to be: a small deep forest rural village hunting tavern. Write about how you bought there that weird toasted marshmallow flavored apple slushie that came topped with mango passion fruit foam. And then how you wandered the baking sun trying to figure somewhere just to be for awhile, but there wasn't anywhere, because the Magic Kingdom doesn't really do places to just be, so you gave up and went back into the charming, but full, seating area of the tavern. Then, suddenly, dreamily, IT was there! Write about that, about how all of a sudden there was a beautiful, magical, gigantic throne-like chair, covered in bear hides or something ruggedly rustic like that, to the right of the roaring fake fireplace, all perfect for you and your wife to sit together in. But just as you made your way to this gargantuan chair a very small child from a nearby table spotted the chair too. You were there first though, and you sat down and it was absolutely heavenly. But as you sat in delight, sipping your bizarre, but very appealing, drink, and admiring the excellent room with all its Beauty and the Beast references, it was impossible to ignore the three year old child in a state of exquisite agony as he longed for your chair with every fiber of his being, all while his parents desperately tried to soothe him. Write about how you got up and let him have the chair and found a table facing the roaring fake fire as the parents mouthed 'thank you' at you. Write about how that was a pretty good seat too, but not quite as nice as the bear throne."

"Okay." I write back. "I will."

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