Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Book bag quotes

We sell book bags here at my library. We also give out old, collected, used shopping bags, mostly the plastic ones. These latter free ones are vastly the more popular. The reusable durable bags are a quite reasonable $3.00, but I have only sold one in the more than a year that we have had them. It's possible there is some kind of strange sales curse on me that makes all sales transactions go badly for me. There was a month long period when we were out of bags during which dozens and dozens of people asked if we sold book bags. "We usually do." I could have answered. "But when you can actually buy one of them I will mysteriously not be the person you do it with."

It's actually not that bad as far as curses go. Except maybe when I am trying to sell my blog to the Internet. "Hey, Internet, buy my blog!"

"How much."

"Less than zero?"

"No thank you."

Actually that might not be so bad either. Maybe it's not a curse at all. It might be a secret blessing.

With each new batch of book bags we get the same design with a new quote. We are on our second quote:

"Never trust anyone who has not brought a book with them."

-Lemony Snicket

I suspect that this bag is not selling as well as it could because its quote is too smug and cheeky for a book bag. Perhaps we should try:

"Never trust anyone who does not own this book bag."

Hmm, yes, I like that one!

But maybe I am not the one to go to for sales advice. I have received the miraculous gift of not being very good at that.

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