Friday, May 29, 2015

Nobody's complainer

Nobody likes a complainer.

Which is just exactly what's wrong with everyone!

Whoops, wait. Let's start over.

Nobody likes a complainer.

Which you'd think would be nearly impossible because everyone who complains about a complainer (and, boy, they do!) is a complainer themselves! The lot of hypocrites!

Er, sorry. Wait, one more time. We'll start over again.

Nobody likes a complainer.

Because they suck and I hate all those stupid complainers forever! 


I don't know. Sometimes you sit down and have the blog post all sort of sketched out in your head, but when it comes down to it you can't get the tone quite right.

You don't know?

You don't write a blog?

You should. It's hard for me being the only one in the world writing a blog. It is a lot of responsibility. If you all blogged we could have, like, a league of bloggers, and a fort, and a blogging soccer team that we could blog about.

Not that I was complaining. I wasn't, for the record.

I was just offering a bit of constructive advice.

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