Saturday, June 27, 2015

Attack of the Internet

Strung out, exhausted by remodeling, library work, too much coffee, and a daily blogging habit, the ideas still come to me. They are vivid things that I look at and say "You? You want to be a blog post?"

And they say "Yes, I would like to be a blog post please."

"Okay," I say "Drag the keyboard over to my fingers and we'll see what we can do."

You wouldn't think this would make for the most electrifying blog posts in the world, and yet we have electrifying blog posts coming out of our ears around here.

Like what? You ask.

You sure you want to ask that? We could be here for days with me just listing blog post after...

Okay fine, I don't have them right off the top of my head. I have to look.

Hmm, let's see... (hmm, post about posts being good, library pun, post about turkeys, post about annoying library patron, post making fun of god, post about me, post about me, post about me)...

DON'T RUSH ME! I'm getting there. I just need a little time.

Ah, here it is. My post about replacing a GFCI outlet, that's electrifying, and, oh, and, er, this one, yes, this blog post you are reading right now. This blog post is very electrifying.

It is too an electrifying blog post!

It is! It is! It is a thrilling, electrifying, riveting and astounding blog post!

Oops, now I've gone and embarrassed this blog post.

I have made it hide its little head away. We can see only the tip of its wee tail.

Come on out little blog post, it's okay. I will protect you.


  1. Dear

    I have been having some hearing issues. I've got an appointment with the ear doctor in a couple of weeks. But I'm having a hard time hearing your blog post, so could you please blog a little louder.

    Thank you,



    1. Oh man, this is blogging for me in a nutshell. I think I am the loudest, shoutin'est, fiercest blogger on the whole Internet

      and it sounds like whispering.




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