Sunday, June 21, 2015


Due to a daily 12 percent decline in clerkmanifesto readership, general lowering of Internet standards, and the ceaseless demands of a daily blog, clerkmanifesto, as of tomorrow morning at eight a.m. will be making no changes whatsoever. The flatlining of revenues, lack of new crazy people in the library to talk about, and the fact that after nearly 900 posts I have exhausted all my funny stories have forced my hand, and in the future you will be seeing pretty much what you've seen before; me, splattered on your computer or phone screen by a blast of the gods, saying "What's surprising, really, is that this doesn't particularly hurt."

The gods cannot hurt me here. Who would want to mess with that?


  1. Wow, this is like PBS! When's the membership drive so I can get all dolled up and man a phone?

    1. Thank you for your offer. I have now set up all clerkmanifesto calls to go to you. I'm not sure you need to doll up for the phones, but that can be at your discretion.

  2. Kewl! By the way, as your pope I'm kind of obliged to look fabulous at all times. ^_^
    AND... I've chosen my name! Peaches the first!
    Do you like it?

    1. It's beyond me at this point.

      Eerily though, while working on a blog post earlier today, the concluding word was "peach"!


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