Thursday, July 2, 2015


I was walking through the University today and once again came upon Greek Row.  I eyed with interest the modestly decrepit frat houses and their giant Greek letters announcing their names. And though my associations with fraternities have never been particularly positive, I was suddenly filled with a warm feeling. Greece. Poor Greece, hammered by Euro Banker Bullies, my heart goes out to you. But it is hard for my heart to travel all the way from these landlocked plains to the distant, shining waters of the Mediterranean. My heart must instead then go out to the fraternities, because they have Greek names and large Greek letters stuck to the walls of their buildings, and they are only a few feet from me.

I hope this sympathy will suffice, and that it will give strength to the Greek people and show the European Union the errors of their ways and help the fraternities to be more like the charming rascals in John Belushi's Animal House fraternity and less like the fraternities one reads about in the newspapers.

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