Friday, July 3, 2015


I have had the feeling lately that I have been very lecturey. Lectures about clerking and lectures about doing the right thing at work and lectures about the costs and benefits of being part of a team, and that's all well and good. I don't have to issue a retraction. But lecturing is ever so tiring. And, while I mean all that stuff about doing a good job, I really do, I think it might be a little more important to have a good time. I'm not talking about swinging from the chandeliers waving a bottle of swanky gin good time, but I do mean taking a moment to walk over to the librarian's desk to complain that, even though I try not to look at what people are doing on the Internet computers, I couldn't help but notice that an awful lot of people are watching nature videos on their computers. Is there anything they could do about this? 

That kind of good time.

And that goes double for this blog.

Did you know that this is the finest blog on the Internet?

Right. Of course you do. It is immortal. It is insured by the gods. It is indestructible!

 Let's drive it into the weeds and see what happens.

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