Saturday, July 11, 2015

Sad news

I received some sad news today. Sad for me.  It was delivered to me on the basis of strict confidentiality. I probably shouldn't even be saying this much.

No, this isn't satire.

No, this isn't really about me, nor do you need to worry for me or for anyone I know.

No, this isn't really appropriate material for a blog post. I am restricted from telling you anything and it would be wrong to even give you a hint.

In fact, to even discuss this entirely true issue any further it would be better if I started being misleading. It would be better at this point if I threw you off the track. I don't want anyone guessing something close to the truth.

I can keep a secret.

Yes, it has to do with my library's experimental biocard skin grafts.

Yes, it has to do with the new "roaming cat" rules in my Minneapolis Neighborhood.

Yes, it has to do with a continuation of anti raw cheese laws announced by U.S. Customs.

No, it doesn't. Not really. I cannot lie to you, but in a couple of months I can tell you the truth and you can say "Oh. Is that supposed to mean something to me?"

I cannot answer that question at this time.


  1. I thought I had posted, but I'll try again:

    Our new family kitten, Frankie Devereux (see archives), was quite interested in the Minneapolis neighborhood "roaming cat" rules. Having been a roaming cat himself, he asked me to ask you to please clarify the rules. Also, if there's anything he can do to speak on behalf of the roaming cats....

    1. I am delighted your new kitten has taken an interest in my blog. I've never been able to spark much of an interest among humans and so perhaps I have been pursuing the wrong species.

      The roaming cat rules mentioned above were a false lead, sadly, and Minneapolis rules on that score remain unchanged. It is faintly illegal to be a roaming cat. But what cares a cat for the law, which is one of their enormous virtues. So you tell little Fonzie Devereux to hang tough, for he is ever righteous!


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