Sunday, July 19, 2015


Because my blog is mysteriously unpopular, I can generally decide whether any particular post I write is popular or not. This is because the variations in reaction, from one post to the next, tend to be indistinguishable. And so then I can luxuriously decide that my post yesterday, in which a woman searching for guidebooks on Hawaii asked me "Where is Hawaii?" and I answered "In the Pacific", was incredibly popular. I can assume it was so popular that it is being passed along in thousands of anecdotes all across the libraries of the English speaking world.

And when something is that popular, it's time for a sequel!

This evening at the library a man came to me at the front desk at the library and asked "Where can I find change?" That's really how he asked it. Usually people just ask if I can make change for them, but he said "Where can I find change?"

But the three beats that were there where I could make a joke of it came as I was stumbling for a line I couldn't find. I didn't try to force it. I let it pass. "I can get change for you." I said.

I went to the cash register and got four quarters for his dollar. Sometimes one gets the perfect line and there's nothing one can do. I handed him the four quarters, looked him warmly in the eye and said "Here is your change, but real change comes from your heart."

He laughed.

I would like to fix him up with that Hawaii lady. 


  1. This post is very popular among me,myself and I

  2. I made an appointment with the local tattoo artist to have this post tattooed on my back. I hope that's not a copyright infringement.

    1. As far as I understand it, it is not copyright infringement so long as no one ever finds out who wrote it.

      But... are you sure about your back? I mean, I think this post would make such a nice sleeve.

  3. As always you are the very center of mindfulness. ^_^


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