Sunday, August 30, 2015

The hospitality of eagles

Vacation ended unceremoniously. After 18 days off from the library, I got in the car in the morning with my wife. Were we going to do something fun together? My brain was in vacation mode still and so not properly processing reality. Surely we were going maybe for a pretty hike? A lovely breakfast somewhere? Or perhaps we were driving off for another week at Lake Superior? Yes, these will all be fine thank you.


It was not like that.

She was dropping me off and driving away to work.  I was walking from there, alone, along the river, on my way to work as well. Ten hours of work. As she drove away bitterness and darkness descended upon me like a curtain. Vacation was over. The house lights went up. I was by myself in an empty theater.

I was sad.

I cursed the fates. I cursed the world. My spirit darkened. Everything was over forever.

And then a bald eagle flew up to me. I waved. The eagle waved, in as much as eagles wave, which they don't really, at all. And then the eagle flew off over the river.

"Okay, then." I said.

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