Sunday, August 9, 2015

Vacations end

Here is my experiment. It is tiny.

Today, writing you, is the first day of my vacation. For me it is a Thursday more than two weeks to your past. I am still wound up with months of responsibilities and care. I had a collection of chores to finish off today. I had a funeral to go to for a good friend's mother. In the evening my wife and I went to a lecture on Leonardo da Vinci. It was an interesting talk, but dark lecture halls always make my body desperately want to sleep. So today was, we decided around here at Start of Vacation Central, a transitioning to vacation day. With the scheduled things gone now I will just need to learn vacation. I'm rusty. I am sealed shut with rust.

Last night I woke up out of an almost sound sleep thinking that what I had to do was write a blog post for the last day of my vacation on the first day of my vacation. Somehow, at two a.m., this was an idea.

I could tell right away that it was so small an idea as to almost be nothing, but my little writer soul told me I had to do it. So I listened. And I figured I'd write, and my typing would spell out Ouija Board words that would tell me the answer to why this was important.

I think I have it.

The first day feels just like the last. All the sweet things start sad, and all the sweet things end sad too.

But the middle of the thing can be anything at all. 

So I'm going there now.

Tomorrow, time will come unstuck, and I will tell you about the future.

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