Saturday, February 20, 2016

Dear Customer

Dear Clerkmanifesto Customer,

Thank you for consuming clerkmanifesto. We appreciate your loyalty and patronage. And that is why we have declared this week to be Clerkmanifesto Customer Loyalty Week. All week long we will be giving you very valuable stuff. How can we afford to do this? We can't. That's how appreciative we are!

To kick things off in style we want you to know that your next year of clerkmanifesto is entirely free. Yes, that's right, free. And if your clerkmanifesto account is already paid in full through the next year or any portion of it, we will be simply adding a whole year onto your account. There is no code, nothing to fill out, and no strings attached. A year from us to you is our first amazing gift and there are still six to go!


You didn't know clerkmanifesto cost money?

 Er, well, hmmm. It doesn't exactly cost money, come to think of it.

Did I mention how good the next six gifts are?



  1. Wait, so what are you saying? I've been donating monthly $25 automatic payments from my credit card payable to for the past 17 years! Where has all that money gone?

    Do I still get the free gifts?

    1. The credit card company fees on an automated charge of $25 is $25. So I guess you were mainly doing it for the ritual and discipline of the process. It's been a good 17 years though, hasn't it?

      Of course you still get all the amazing free gifts!


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