Tuesday, March 8, 2016

A word

Sometimes one opens up clerkmanifesto only to be faced with a terrifyingly long blog post. "Seven paragraphs!" One cries out, "This could take me minutes to read."

"I hope it's not about soccer." One adds parenthetically.

But sometimes clerkmanifesto is terribly short. For instance today it is merely about a new word. I wrote one this morning by accident in the kitchen, while making the morning espressos.

Exaccident. That's the new word: exaccident.

It doesn't look great written,  but I think you will find it rolls trippingly off the tongue, exaccident. It means to do precisely what one meant not to do. You will find it is merely "exact" bleeding right into "accident".

As in "Damn, I exaccidently made a seven paragraph long blog post!"

Well, at least it's not about soccer.

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