Friday, April 1, 2016

Friend of birds

It was a beautiful spring day today, and don't think the birds didn't know it. The Robins were in particularly good spirits, and the little various Wrens, whose names I do not know, were at great pains to point out to me all the new flowers, kindly, but as if I were a blind person who had never been outside before. We wondered together if we'd ever seen flowers in Minnesota so early, all while it was still March. I said I thought I might have seen some tiny flowers this early during a warm March a few years ago, but the little birds weren't quite so sure. Then again I suspect that very few of these birds would be in a position to remember, so few of them being more than three years old to begin with.

Better by far than any early flowers, and even better than the perfect fifty degree weather, was being so befriended by all those small birds, by these songbirds. They alighted upon me, and, not shying, let me enjoy their company without reservations. I tell you this, dear reader, that when the wild river turkeys make you their student it is wonderful, and it makes you feel wise and shamanic. When the Eagle joins you, and becomes your partner, it makes you feel important and powerful, like some wizard on a quest. But when the songbirds invite you into the bosom of their society, it makes you feel like you are in a beautiful fairytale. And that is the best feeling of them all.

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