Wednesday, May 25, 2016


There are few traditional parental expostulations I loathe more than "Life's not fair." Explaining that the world sucks as a justification for the world sucking puts one on the wrong side of love and beauty every time. Do you want to be on the wrong side of love and beauty?

I don't either, though I understand the pay is excellent.

But I will confess that my heightened attunement to incidents of injustice can be exhausting. Do you know how many there are? The Bible says:

As there are stars in the sky
And fishes in the sea
So is each moment in the world
Numbered with injustice.

Actually the bible doesn't really say that. I made it up. Is it fair that an ancient work of cranky mythology wields more authority than my exacting essays could ever hope to?

No, life's not fair. I mean, really not fair. Which is why life is just raking it in.

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  1. What does a parent who is on the right side of love and beauty sound like?


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