Friday, May 27, 2016

So you want to write a blog!

It happens mysteriously. One morning you wake up and decide that you want to write a blog. You think you know what a blog is. Indeed, you think you have read many blogs. You are wrong on both counts. But that's not important. And when you eagerly sit down to your computer to begin research on how to write a blog, merely by scrolling down to the 111,465,312th search result you find this useful blog post. Out of 142 million posts on the subject it is the only one that will be of any help.

So, good eye!

I'm not going to tell you it's easy. Wait, yes I am. It is super easy to write a blog. It is almost 100 percent easy.

"Uh oh." You say, because you are naturally pessimistic and wonder what that "almost" denotes.

It's not what you think.

Making a blog site is an absolute breeze. Writing every single day, either on a single subject or on many, is child's play. Attracting millions of pleasant and engaged readers comes naturally and of its own accord. Influencing and changing the world for the better with your wit and insight is inevitable. Making money on your own terms is like picking low hanging fruit. And dealing with the technical aspects of blog planning and maintenance is surprisingly simple and more or less automated. The only thing that is just a wee bit tricky is getting the right blog supplies.

You will need a blue gel pen, preferably a G-2, but I am not a fanatic about them. And you should carry with you at all times a pad or two of yellow, 3x3 post-it notes.

That's it. You're all set!

This is gonna be great. I can't wait to read it!


  1. I believe I spied a post if of that kind this evening near a rice krispie bar.

    1. When did you write this comment? Which of the two rice krispie bars?

      You are correct, those were indeed yellow 3x3 post-its and I found not all were thrilled at the site of them!

    2. Not sure when I wrote it but most definitely after the second bar not at the time reported by the blog tool. Odd.

    3. Ah ha! The above reply says 5:27 am but I wrote it just minutes ago and it is now 7:29 am. I therefore conclude I write the prior comment on 5/27 at 11:29 - a result of my caffeine earlier in the evening.

    4. Yeah, well, the blog tool is a bit of a... tool.

      Anyway I'm glad this is all cleared up, or it will be, as soon as I work out all the math. I'm pretty sure it comes down to the blog being on pacific standard time because that's the time zone I was born in.

    5. In that case I would expect my reply to be posted on Eastern Standard Time since that is the time zone I was born in. Must be a defect in the tool.

    6. You're probably right. I'll send a note to Google.


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