Monday, October 31, 2016

All you have to do is show up

I have not been on this long walk, my long walk to the University along the River, for months. Roads and paths were shut down. The bridge was closed and disassembled. And it was summer too, so I rode a bike for most of my journeys anyway.

But then there I was on my old route, walking. It was hard for my body to accustom itself to it. I eased through the creaks of age and lost endurance. I was careful, but I was happy to see the world. And, to my surprise, the world was happy to see me. 

Wee forest animals danced around me like I was a special Disney character. Old ladies smiled greeting with real delight at me as they drove by. Mailmen waved. All the joggers said "Hey" like they meant it. The new bridge lit up as I walked across it. And everyone just looked so delighted to see me.

Except the turkeys. There were four turkeys, and they, seriously and one hundred percent, did not give a shit.

But oh how I loved them anyway.


  1. Oh the turkeys. I love when the turkeys appear in your blog. That is their way, you know, not giving a shit.

    1. I'm glad you like it. It is their way, isn't it? Of course my general inclination is to write in what I like to that blankness. But maybe, deep down, under everything, they still don't give a shit.

  2. The Spirit Turkey has given you a lesson on great value. Now you must go out into the world and put it to practice.
    Ummm... So what about your Eagle Guide?
    Did he/she make it to Rome?

    1. Oh man Matthew, I am trying. I am so trying.

      No, no eagles. Or maybe they were lurking at the edge of things, hunting pigeons.


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