Monday, October 3, 2016

Rome day sixteen

A 37 day imaginary travelogue of a trip to Rome (with a few scattered other places such as New York). This is written to match the journey I am actually taking, and so each post is concurrent with the more or less actual day my wife and I are experiencing in Rome.

What day number are we on?: sixteen, so, flying by, or, from the perspective of me writing ahead of time: so incredibly many days required to write fake posts for!

Level of writer's drunkenness (in real life, scale of 1-10): oddly, three. A frightening back relapse sent me back home from work. I have medicated with wine and am now slightly toasted and slightly uncomfortable.

What am I eating (in real life again)?: Well, before I came downstairs I had some tempeh I fried earlier with some of that ratatouille I talked about a lot earlier in this series. I can't begin to tell you just how good it all was!

Map or picture?: Actually, it all looked way better than this, and it had some prosciutto on it.

File:Cheese platter.jpg

Any other notes/Status: I've been trying to focus on this project, which has an alarmingly long way to go, but before I wrote this I felt compelled to write a post for October 28! For you that's still 26 days away! But for me it's like, 51 or something days from now! It was about pine nuts. When I finished it I did one of those "Oooh! This one is good!" things. Partly I'm a little drunk, plus my over estimation will fade. Nevertheless, you may want to mark your calendar for that post. You know, something to look forward to.

Oh. How's today's post? 

I don't know. What say I write it?

Today's Entry:

Today we mostly shopped. For reasons I can't explain we ended up apportioning an astonishing amount of money to our personal gift monies on this trip. To put it bluntly, I have 600 Euros to buy myself a keepsake. In this context it's a weirdly huge amount of money, too large to squander, too small to buy just anything. As my wife peruses the cashmere I peruse everything like I am some sort of prince: little is out of my reach, but I may be too bored by it to buy anything. Yes, Rome is exquisite enough for me, but are the shops? Why don't you people sell any Caravaggios here?

We had a cheese plate tonight, and a lot of wine. Generally speaking I am at all times here one of three things: On a caffeine high. Drunk(ish). Or faintly ill but soldiering on. I'm not sure cheese isn't a drug too. It lasts while it's in your mouth, and for something that good, it's long enough.

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