Wednesday, November 2, 2016

And some artists are played

After a long period off in foreign lands, not blogging, I thought, apropos of nothing, of this: Some artists play themselves, and some artists play themselves. That is some artists play themselves like it's a part in a play, and some artists play themselves like they're an instrument.

I was pretty happy with this bit of inspiration for a few seconds.

Then I wasn't sure at all what it meant.

Then I wanted to share it with you.


  1. Well, now that I'm entering my curmudgeon years, i can now gripe that thespians are easily the most annoying artists. They are always and forever playing themselves AND with the added bonus that anyone in their periphery is blissfully included in the dramatic continuum.

    1. First of all, welcome to your curmudgeon years! This can be a ripe and fruitful time in anyone's life and I think you'll do just fine. Of course, as in most things, balance is essential. If you find yourself, as a curmudgeon, sympathizing with Republicans or yelling at children you'll need to dial things back.

      Thespians? Uh oh, I thought all the world was a stage...


  2. Dagnabbit! Your blog is doubling up my comments again!


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